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Conditions of Use

Our Services

1 — is dedicated to the free distribution of numismatic information, promoting the collection of coins, and the sale of numismatic items. Our services include a freely accessible numismatic database, a freely accessible price guide, and an online coin shop.

For more information regarding ordering and sales, please read our Ordering Policy below.

Licensing of Content

2 — With the purpose of sharing numismatic information and the promotion of this hobby, all the content hosted by us is freely available to the general public to re-use and re-distribute. We would appreciate if the re-use and re-distribution of our content is attributed, preferable with a hyperlink to our website, and we would also appreciate if our brand name is not removed from any picture. You may attribute our content in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests we endorse you or your use.

Modifying and Terminating our Services

3 — We are constantly changing and improving our Services, and we may also add or remove functionalities and features; as well as stopping or terminating the service altogether without previous notice.

Warranties and Disclaimers

4 — We host a wide array of data, which we do not guarantee to be free of error or up to date. The content we host is entirely for the purpose of providing general information, and therefore we ask that you use common sense and proper judgment when using our services.


5 — We will not be responsible for lost profits and revenues, or data, financial losses, or direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages.

To the extent permitted by law for any claims under these terms, the total liability of is limited to the amount you paid us to use the services.

About these Terms

6 — We may modify or add to these terms; which will be notified in this page.

By using our Services, you accept these Conditions of Use.

For information about how to contact, please see our contact details in our help page.


Information we collect and how we use it

1 — Our website gathers information from our users with the object of providing our services; which is done in three different ways:

  • Information sent directly by users: like entries to promotions, answers sent in surveys, emails and any other mean of communication. This information is not shared with any third party and is exclusively used by us for the purposes stated in the respective promotion, campaign or medium, and could be saved as a backup copy by us or deleted once this no longer serves any purpose; like the end of a promotion or survey.

  • Information we are sent by third parties: which includes details forwarded by PayPal or eBay to process and serve orders; like name, address, email, content of the order, and amounts paid. Apart from these details PayPal and eBay do not provide us any other personal or financial information. These details are used exclusively to serve the respective orders and the name and email could be saved in our own database for purposes related to promotions and discount schemes. We do not use this information for unsolicited marketing campaigns, nor do we share it with any third party.

  • Information gathered automatically: which includes the information sent by our users' devices while accessing our website, which could be logged automatically; like IP address, Browser technology, date and time, and pages accessed in our website. This may be used by us to analyze how our website is used with the purpose of improving our services and identifying which content, features and products our users prefer. This information is not logged directly by us, but by third parties; like our hosting server provider or our web analytics service provider.

Use of Cookies

2 — Our website uses cookies for the sole purpose of allowing users to view the prices in different currencies, calculate post and packaging costs, and save the content of their shopping carts. We do not access or gather information from these cookies; which are stored for a period of 6 months, and can be deleted by the user at any time. To delete the cookies stored by this website, please refer to your browser's manual on how to perform this task.

By using our services, you agree to the use of our cookies.

3 — By accessing our website third party cookies from companies providing additional services might also be saved in your computer; like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. These cookies are not harmful in any way, but are also not absolutely necessary for the normal use of our website, any of its features, or any of our services. If you wish to prevent these companies saving cookies on your computer, please refer to your browser's manual on how to block "third party cookies".

Information security and data protection

4 — We do not provide access through the internet or any other network to the information we collect, nor we share these details with third parties. If you wish to have your details deleted from our database, you can do so by sending us a request by email.

For information about how to contact, please see our contact details in our help page.


5 — This policy may be changed or updated, after which we will post the modifications on this page. None of these changes or updates will result in the use of the information gathered, without previous consent, for any other purpose than those stated when it was collected.

Ordering Policies


1 — All our prices are fixed, and independent of the grade stated for each item; therefore, we will not accept claims due to discrepancies on the grading. However, we operate on a full satisfaction guarantee with a return policy (see point 14 for more information about returns).

2 — Adding items to the shopping cart does not guarantee reservation; as the orders are not made effective until the full payment has been cleared and confirmed by PayPal. In case simultaneous orders have been placed on the same item, this will be allocated to the first order processed by PayPal, and the subsequent orders will receive a full refund.

3 — We reserve the right to cancel any order at our discretion. All cancelations will be followed by a full refund and an e-mail stating the reasons.


4 — If you wish to make an offer for any coin, please use the "make an offer" buttons available on the specific details page of the coin you wish; instead of using the emails below. Please make sure you don't delete or edit the reference numbers from the subject of the email generated by the "make an offer" buttons.

5 — All offers received through the "make an offer" buttons will be answered by email within three working days, as an e-mail reply to the original offer. In case the offer has been accepted, we will issue a PayPal invoice to the client's email with the final price accepted, which the client can either accept or decline.


6 — All payments through our shopping cart are processed by PayPal Secure Payments; therefore, all transactions are subject to PayPal's own terms and conditions. These payments can be made effective directly through the client's PayPal balance, or by Credit/Debit Card -whether or not the client has a PayPal account-. PayPal accepts at least the following cards: Master Card / Eurocard, Visa / Delta / Electron, American Express, Switch / Maestro, and Solo; plus many other cards specific to each country. Here you can find more information about PayPal’s Terms and Conditions. As an alternative to PayPal, we have also set two bank accounts -one in Great Britain and another in Spain- for any customer that wishes to pay by Bank Transfer. In this case, the customer will be responsible for any fees that his own bank may charge. There will be no extra fees for direct payments through our shopping cart, from us or PayPal.

7 — We accept direct payments through PayPal in US Dollars, British Pounds and Euros; and indirect payments in any other currency accepted by PayPal; which would be converted to one of the three currencies previously mentioned in accordance to PayPal's exchange rates. For Bank Transfers we will accept Sterling Pounds through our British account, and Euros through our account in Spain; although most banks should provide their clients with the option to convert any local currency to one of the two accepted by our bank transfers at their own exchange rates. To make a payment by Bank Transfer, please contact us by email; attaching the content of the shopping cart you wish to order.

8 — All notifications of payment through our shopping cart will be issued exclusively by PayPal, which will serve as an electronic copy of the receipt. PayPal will also update the client automatically on the progress of all orders; as we enter this information on their system. We will also provide the client a confirmation email, including the postal tracking number, once the order has been processed and shipped.


9 — All orders will be shipped from Spain by signed for mail, insured mail or insured parcel on the next working day from the reception of the payment (Monday to Friday); with the exception of those orders that are incomplete, mistaken or erroneous, or those that require additional information or clarifications from the client. The client can opt for other methods of shipment -at his own expenses- by letting us know before processing the order; and as long as this method allow the total amount of the sale to be fully covered or insured, and as long as this service is available to us.

10 — The costs of post and packing are automatically calculated by our website, depending on the client's currency of choice and his location (Spain, Europe, or rest of the world). In case of a mismatch between the chosen location and the destination address, the order will be put on hold and we will issue a full refund followed by a new bill with the correct shipping costs. These orders will be held awaiting payment no longer than three working days; after which the order will be cancelled and the items returned as available for purchase by other clients.

Guarantees, Claims and Returns

11 — All payments -without exception- are eligible to "PayPal Buyer Protection" scheme, which allows 45 days to issue a dispute, and an additional 20 days to file a claim. Here you can find more information about "PayPal Buyer Protection".

12 —Shipments will include an added postal insurance -which will be paid by us- if the destination postal service accepts insured mail, and if the total amount of the sale is not already covered by the default service. It will be our responsibility to deal with any postal claims; which, for lost shipments we will do no sooner than one month after the date of shipment, being also the period after which we will issue a refund for any lost shipment; as the postal service will not accept any claim previous to this period. It is the client's responsibility to inspect the shipment before signing its reception; making sure that the padded envelope is intact and that it has not been opened or shows any additional adhesive tape over any side or label. Accepting a shipment that has been opened would automatically cancel the insurance provided by the postal service; making it impossible for us to open a claim with the postal service, and therefore, issue a refund.

13 — Items can be returned up to 14 days after its reception; for which we will issue a refund once the item has arrived back to us in its original packaging (or similar). We will also refund the full costs of posting (both ways) if the cause for the return is due to our fault or mistake (e.g. wrong description or mistaken item); in any other cases, the client will be responsible for the shipping costs.

Help and Support

14 — We encourage our clients to contact us in case of doubt or if any problem arises; we do care about our customer's satisfaction and their opinion about our services. We would also like to remind our clients that every payment also includes additional support by PayPal, which would also act as a mediator between us and the client if, for any reason, we can't reach an agreement in regards to an order, return or refund.

By placing an order, you accept our Ordering Policies.

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