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Video Guides

"A Guide to Coin Grading" "A Guide to Identifying Fake Coins"
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Grading Table

Our Catalogue Sheldon
Condition Explanation
PO PO1 P or PO Poor * Extremely worn and design barely recognisable.
G G4 G Good Substantially worn with rims and legend showing some weakness.
G+ G6
VG+ VG10
F F12 F Fine Considerable wear but rims and legends quite distinct.
F+ F15
VF- VF20 VF Very Fine Wear apparent on prominent surfaces from limited circulation.
VF+ VF35
EF EF40 EF Extremely Fine Some scuffing and wear apparent on high points, but still retaining luster.
EF+ EF45
AU AU50 AU or aUNC About Uncirculated No apparent wear apart from some friction, occasional marks and imperfections.
UNC MS60 UNC Uncirculated 'As issued' with as much as some minor bag mark grazing.
BU MS68 BU Brilliant Uncirculated Perfect unblemished mint state, without any visible marks.
PF PF60 PF Proof Special issues minted with special dies for collecting purposes
FDC PF68 FDC Fleur de Coin Perfect unblemished mint state. Only ascribed to Proofs.
* All items below a "Good" grade will be shown under this category in our catalogue lists; but at a proportionately reduced price.

Note: We try our best to grade each item as accurately as possible; nevertheless, the grade displayed is our subjective and personal judgement. Please judge the grading of each coin for yourself before buying it; as the prices shown are fixed and independent of the grade stated.

Rarity Table

Universal Rarity Scale
by Q. David Bowers
Sheldon Rarity Scale
None known URS-0 R8
Unique, or nearly so
1 known, unique URS-1
2 known URS-2
3 known URS-3
4 known R7
Prohibitively rare - one may be offered for sale once every few years
5 to 8 known URS-4
9 to 12 known URS-5
13 to 16 known R6
Very rare - Almost never seen, only one may be offered for sale in a year’s time
17 to 32 known * URS-6
33 to 64 known * URS-7 R5
Rare - unlikely more than 5 at shows or auctions each year
65 to 75 Known URS-8
76 to 125 known R4
Very scarce - may or may not find at larger shows/auctions
126 to 200 URS-9
201 to 250 known R3
Scarce - somewhat difficult to find, only a few likely at larger shows
251 to 500 known URS-10
501 to 1,000 known URS-11 R2
Less common - Available at most shows, but in limited quantity
1,001 to 1,250 Known URS-12
1,251 to 2,000 known R1
Common, readily available
2,001 to 4,000 known URS-13
4,001 to 8,000 known URS-14
8,001 to 16,000 known URS-15
16,001 to 32,000 known URS-16
32,001 to 65,000 known URS-17
65,001 to 125,000 known URS-18
125,001 to 250,000 known URS-19
250,001 to 500,000 known URS-20

* R6 on the Sheldon scale is up to 30, and R5 starts from 31

Selling to

At we are always interested in purchasing any kind of silver coins. But before you send us any offer, please read our conditions for mail purchases:

  • Our payments will be made through PayPal in US Dollars, British Pounds, or Euros to any location worldwide; or if the seller desires, we can also send payments to Great Britain and Spain through a cheque or bank transfer from a British or Spanish bank in British Pounds and Euros respectively.
  • The payments will be sent only after the items have been received and inspected. We will not send any money in advance under any circumstances.
  • The seller will be responsible for the costs of posting and packing. Therefore, we don't recommend offers for one or two coins, or any other small sales.

If the coins you wish to sell meet our requirements and you agree with these conditions, please click on the "E-mail Information Request" link to request more information and the next steps to follow.


If you wish to get in touch with us for any reason, you can do so by sending us an e-mail to one of the addresses below. We will get back to you as soon as possible:


Administration, purchases and orders, or any other subject related to our services.
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Please do not use these email addresses to request valuations of your own coins. does not provide this service, and these emails will not be answered.

We have a Free Price Guide for this purpose with the guiding prices for nearly 25,000 coins in all grades. You can find our New Price Guide in the main menu of any page, and the old price guide for the desktop version in the details pages of the coins you wish to valuate, by clicking on the "Free Price Guide" link at the bottom of the price section of those pages, or by doing a search in our Catalogue with the "availability" option set to "Price Guide".

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