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News Regarding our Business, Webpage, Stock, Auctions and other Events.

New Price Guide for Mobile Devices

30th September 2019

Due to the fact that most of the visits to our website are now made from mobile devices, and since the only version available until now for our Price Guide was exclusively designed for desktops or devices with large screens, we have just created a new page that will facilitate the access to this free service from any device.

Apart from our Catalogue of Coins, from which you can still see our coins in stock as usual –both from the desktop versions as well as the mobile version- y will also find this new page designed to quickly and easily find the guiding prices of any coin in our database; which includes more than 3000 types of the most popular coins from 150 countries from all around the world.

To access this new service, you can simply access the desktop version or the mobile version directly through these links; making a search for the coin you wish to consult –whether it is through our website or through any other search engine- and once you are in the coin’s page, click on the “Price Guide” button at the bottom of the section for that issue or under the “Price Range” section; or using the new Price Guide link in the main menu of our website, and then navigate to the desired coin; for which you will need to select the country of origin, and then the denomination and the type of coin.

We should also need to mention that due to the limited horizontal resolution of some mobile devices, we had to exclude the prices of some grades; which will be only visible on screens with a horizontal resolution of at least 550 pixels. If you wish to see the content of these prices and your device has a resolution lower than 550 pixels, simply rotate your device until a horizontal position is reached, the page will refresh automatically allow you to see all the columns and the pictures for both sides of the coins.

And that’s all for now. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or doubts, or if you find any bugs in the new pages. Thanks again to all our customers and visitors for using our services.

Previous News

Server Update, SSL Certificate, and New Section

30th May 2017

We’ve been working for a while in updating our server and adapting the website to the new software –therefore, sorry if we’ve been adding new coins to our shop at a slower rate-. We are also sorry for any inconvenience or disruption in our service that you may have experienced during the update; and If you still have problems accessing our website, or find any bugs, we would appreciate if you let us know by contacting us at webmaster@silveragecoins.com.

We have also acquired a SSL Certificate for our site, which will force all accesses through HTTPS instead of HTTP, and which will make your visits more secure –even though we never ask for any sensitive information directly-. This certificate will also provide you the means to authenticate us as the real Silveragecoins.com; and hopefully will increase the trust that our customers and visitors have been showing all these years; for which we are truly grateful.

In short we will also be creating a new section for Euro coins from all the countries that use this currency. The purpose of this new section will only be to serve as numismatic and price guide –for all of those who ask us or need information about these coins- but we will not be selling or buying Euro coins at the moment; unless they are special issues or sets.

We really hope you like all these changes, and we apologise for any inconvenience you may have experienced during the update. Thank you so much for your visits and the support you show us.

New eBay auctions

8th May 2016

From this next Saturday, 14th of May, we will proceed to auction a great number of coins and lots on eBay. This is a great opportunity to get many of our items at reduced prices, as the auctions are without reserve and all start at 99 cents.

You can find these auctions through our shop in eBay at silveragecoinscom; and as always, you will able to combine as many items as you wish without any extra shipping changes. You can also combine auctions and purchases through our website; for which you will need to let us know before making the payment, either through our account in eBay or our email silveragecoins.com, or proceed to make the payments and then request the corresponding refund.

We would like to remind you that all our auctions in eBay are also subject to the same guaranties as the sales in the shop; and you will also have the additional guaranties and support of eBay and PayPal; of which you can find additional information in their respective websites.

We hope you like our selection of coins and lots, and we would like to wish you good luck in all your bids.

2016 Shipping Costs

22nd January 2016

As it is usual, at the beginning of every year our postal service provider has updated their list of charges, forcing us to adjust our shipping costs for all national and international shipments; and also compensate for the current exchange rates between the three different currencies that we accept.

The changes are minimal: some did not need to be updated, and the rest were not increased more than 50 cents/pennies. If you wish, and as always, you can find these new prices in the table displayed in our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Thank you for your understanding and for using our services another year.

Changes to our P&P and new eBay affiliate marketing links

24th October 2015

Today we have adjusted the Post and Packaging charges to the current exchange rates for US Dollars and British Pounds; which has resulted in cheaper shipments on both currencies due to the current low price of the Euro.

We have also removed the maximum limit for orders to countries that do not accept insured mail (e.g. United States, Great Britain, Australia), which from now on do not need to pay for insured parcels or multiple shipments. From today we will be responsible for the insurance of these shipments while keeping all our guarantees intact.

And last, you may have notice that we have added on the detail pages of every coin links to eBay. These links belong to eBay’s affiliate marketing program, or ePN (eBay Partner Network), which will be paying us a small percentage of every sale generated through these links. If by any chance the coins you are looking for are not available in our stock, please use these links and you’ll be helping us continue to provide our services; as well as finding a seller with the coin you wish to purchase.

If you have any problems or questions regarding the new features or changes, please let us know and we will try to solve them as soon as possible.

New Mobile Version

3rd May 2015

Since the 21 of April Google began expanding its use of mobile-friendliness, which will influences the ranking of all websites in the internet. For this reason we have decided that this would be the perfect time to implement our new Mobile Version of Silveragecoins.com, which we have been developing over the last months.

We tried to keep all the features and functions of the Full Desktop Version in the new one; however, even though you can still see the price ranges at the bottom of every details page, for now we had to leave out the Price Guide; at least until we can find a way to fit the full price tables in the small confinement of mobile device screens without failing any mobile-friendly tests, which would defeat the purpose of having this new version. Since the price guide is not accessible, you may also find some difficulty finding coins and particular issues that are currently unavailable for sale; though we expect to find a solution to this problem in short. In the mean time, to tackle these inconveniences, you can continue to use these features as before in our Full Desktop Version from any mobile device or tablet.

We really hope you like our new Mobile Version, but in case you don’t, your preferences would be saved in your browser and you will be automatically redirected to our full Desktop Version as before every time you access our website. You can also change between versions with ease, for which we have placed links at the end of every page of the Mobile Version and on the Main Menu, and a link on the submenu of the Desktop Version that is visible from any page in the “version” section –next to the English / Spanish buttons-. Of course, none of these will be available to users with laptop or desktop computers, only mobile devices will have access to this new version.

Finally, we would like to apologise beforehand for any possible bugs you might encounter and would appreciate if you let us know about them so we can deal with them as soon as possible. And we would also really like to hear from you any comments or suggestions you may have.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015

13th December 2014

Thank you for continuing with us for another year; we hope our services will also be useful to you during the next.

Since we are entering the Christmas season, and as every other year, we remind you that during this period you might experience some delays in your shipments due to the high volume of postage that all postal services experience during this season. We appreciate your patience, and like to reassure you that - as always- all our sales are guaranteed against any postal losses or damage.

Also remind you that you still have until the 25th of December to participate in our “Coins in the Movies” promotion; date when we will be choosing at random one of the participants and send him or her a Silver Ounce coin completely free. You can find more information about this promotion in our Coins in the Movies page.

And last, also notify you that from the 1st of January, and due to the current low prices of our silver coins, which by policy are linked to the prices of precious metals in the international markets, we will be ending our “Free Shipments” promotion for sales over $100, €70, or £60. If you have any large purchase planned, and wish to take advantage of this offer, please place your order before the 1st of January 2015.

And that’s all... Have a very nice Christmas, and thank you for choosing Silveragecoins.com for another year.

Ebay Scams and Summer delays

5th September 2014

It has come to our attention that some Ebay sellers are using our name and pictures to scam buyers. If you find any auction with our name or pictures of our coins and doubt their authenticity, please do not hesitate to contact us. In any case, let you know that we do not sell our items through other sellers or names, nor we grant anyone else permission to use our name. At the moment, the only account we occasionally use to auction items on Ebay is silveragecoinscom.

We also take this opportunity to apologize to any affected customer for the delays in some shipments along the last month. Apart from taking a week off –the first one in 4 years-, we have also been working only on a part time basis; which is also the case of our local post office. From the 16th of September we will return to full time –as well as our post office- and keep our compromise of sending every shipment on the next working day after the reception of the payment.

Thank you for your patience and your understanding.

New Mobile Website and Server Changes

2nd July 2014

In preparation for the launch of our new mobile website, which we expect to be ready in short, we had to make some changes recently to our server.

You may have noticed that the addresses to all the pages in our website are now preceded by the "www" subdomain. This might have the adverse effect on some users who have stored their preferences and shopping cart content previous to the 1st of July; as these would not be accessible any longer, and would have to be entered again. We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience; but we were unable to make the necessary changes while keeping the old cookies.

We have also changed the access to the static content throughout our website to a cookie-less subdomain. This shouldn’t have any effect on your browsing and shopping experience –with the exception of faster loading pages, especially those with many pictures.

Besides these issues, there is always the possibility of unintended error and mistakes; in which case we would appreciate if you let our webmaster know at webmaster@silveragecoins.com.

Thank you for your understanding, and again, sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

New Search Engine, Low Prices and Advertising

20th June 2014

Following some of our customers’ suggestions to upgrade our search engine in the Catalogue and List pages, we have now installed a new one powered by Google. You will find the new Google Search Engine at the bottom on the lateral of every page throughout our website, and also at the top of the Catalogue page; also followed by our old engine, which you will still need to use to select specific sections, countries, metals, and availability.

You may also have noticed that during the past month we have lowered our prices to the lowest in the past 5 years. This is due to the recent drop in the price of Silver in the international markets, to which our prices are linked. To compensate for this drop, and to keep with our policy of charging the right price for all our items, we have decided to optimize the advertising throughout our website.

We sincerely hope that these changes will satisfy all our visitors and enhance our customers’ shopping experience.

Bargains of the Week and Ebay Auctions

17th March 2014

We have two  fantastic news for all our customers: this week we inaugurate the “Bargains of the Week”section in  our homepage; in which, as its title implies, we  will be offering every week four of our best coins at reduced prices. This promotion is open to any customer, registered or not, and can be  combined with any other offer currently available; like Fixed P&P for any  number of items, or the Free Shipping promotion for registered customers.

 Also this  weekend, starting Friday 21st of March, and as it has become usual  every year, we will be auctioning on Ebay.co.uk and Ebay.es some of our excess  stock, replacement items, repeated years and grades, and many other coins that were  never previously available in our shop. There will be a lot of different types  of coins for everyone to choose from; and the best of all, these will be no  reserve auctions starting at just 25 pence for common coins, and 99 pence for  silver coins.

 As always,  all our sales, whether on Ebay or through our shop, can be combined at no extra  cost; and all are protected by our full guarantees.

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