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Last addition: 23/03/2017
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1974D (AU) German Federal Republic Silver 5 Marks $7.50
1934J (VF) German Third Reich Silver 5 Reichsmarks (1st anniversary, no date) $12.50
1935G (EF) German Third Reich Silver 5 Reichsmarks (1st anniversary, no date) $25.99
1934A (VF+) German Third Reich Silver 5 Reichsmarks (1st anniversary, no date) $20.99
1935A (EF) German Third Reich Silver 5 Reichsmarks (Hindenburg) $15.99
1939J (EF) German Third Reich Silver 2 Reichsmarks $15.99
1938J (VF+) German Third Reich Silver 2 Reichsmarks $11.50
1906A (F) Wilhelm II Silver Half Mark $2.25
1912J (VF) Wilhelm II Silver Half Mark $32.99
1875J (VG) Wilhelm I 10 Pfennig $0.50
1922J (EF) German Weimar Republic 3 Marks (Anniversary) $4.25
1921J (EF) German Weimar Republic 50 Pfennig $1.25
1920A (EF+) German Weimar Republic 50 Pfennig $1.75
1920J (EF) German Weimar Republic 50 Pfennig $2.75
1920J (EF+) German Weimar Republic 50 Pfennig $4.50
1921A (VF) German Weimar Republic 50 Pfennig $0.25
1948A (VF) German Democratic Republic 10 Pfennig $2.75
1969 (VF) German Democratic Republic 20 Pfennig $0.50
1922J (EF) Wilhelm II 10 Pfennig $15.50
1968A (EF+) German Democratic Republic 1 Pfennig $1.25
1913G (VF) Wilhelm II 2 Pfennig $5.99
1876H (VG+) Wilhelm I 2 Pfennig $1.99
1875F (F) Wilhelm I 2 Pfennig $1.25

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New eBay auctions (8th May 2016)

From this next Saturday, 14th of May, we will proceed to auction a great number of coins and lots on eBay. This is a great opportunity to get many of our items at reduced prices, as the auctions are without reserve and all start at 99 cents.

You can find these auctions through our shop in eBay at silveragecoinscom; and as always, you will able to combine as many items as you wish without any extra shipping changes. You can also combine auctions and purchases through our website; for which you will need to let us know before making the payment, either through our account in eBay or our email, or proceed to make the payments and then request the corresponding refund.

We would like to remind you that all our auctions in eBay are also subject to the same guaranties as the sales in the shop; and you will also have the additional guaranties and support of eBay and PayPal; of which you can find additional information in their respective websites.

We hope you like our selection of coins and lots, and we would like to wish you good luck in all your bids.

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The Hobby of Kings:

A Secure Investment

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It is an undeniable fact: investing in Gold and Silver is not only the preferred method to protect savings from inflation, but also the best way to maximize its profitability.

Since the demonetarization of gold and silver, the value of these precious metals has experienced a constant growth -only interrupted by the rapid rise provoked by economic crises- regularly beating all previous historical records. It is expected by many experts that the growth in the prices of Gold and Silver will continue at an exponential rate along the following years; due to the exorbitant rates of inflation, the alarming devaluation of fiat currencies, and the increasing demand for precious metals -especially Silver-.

But apart from the value of these precious metals in the international markets, collecting or investing in gold and silver coins (also known as rare gold / silver) offers an added incentive; as the numismatic value of every coin in your collection increases every single year regardless of its gold or silver content; making it by far the most profitable pastime in history, and one of the most secure forms of investment.

And the best of all is that you don't need to be an expert or rich to invest in numismatic coins, you can now start your collection of silver coins from as little as $1. See how the value of your coins increases almost daily; and find out for yourself why collecting numismatic coins is known as the hobby of kings.

Why Buy from Us

  • Authenticity and Satisfaction Guarantee: all our coins are inspected to ensure their authenticity; we do not deal with replicas or copies. And, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return any item up to 15 days after its reception.

  • No Account Needed: you don't need to open an account nor facilitate any personal or financial information. Just add any item to your Shopping Cart, and pay through PayPal Secure Payments, who will send us the details of the order immediately.

  • Double Insurance: all your payments are handled through PayPal Secure Payments, which guarantees your purchases for up to 60 days. We also send all our shipments fully covered, and if necessary insured, at no extra cost.

  • Low Cost, Fast Shipments: we send all orders on the next working day after the reception of the payment. And now you can also take advantage of our shipment offer; by which you can order as many items as you wish paying only our fixed rate.

  • Easier, Faster and more Reliable than any auction site: without waiting for items to be auctioned, no follow ups, or the risk of higher bidders. Also avoid the hazards of dealing with different unknown sellers, or being the victim of one of the many scams and frauds that occur on online auction sites.

  • Flexible and Affordable: our prices are always updated -you only pay what's stated- and lower than other numismatic shops. We are also more flexible as you can see both sides of the coins you will receive, and we accept offers for many item in stock.

  • No Waiting Periods or Delays: we have access to all the items offered within 24 hours; which allows us to ship every order on the next working day after the reception of the payment (Monday to Friday).

  • Broad Variety of Choices: we try our best to continuosly increase the number and variety of items offered, which currently allows us to offer you around 2,000 different variations of more than 1,000 types of coins from 80 countries.

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